Teaching and examinations

Teaching and learning methods

In the course of the program you will experience several ways of teaching, such as lectures, seminars and work in groups (colloquiums). Seminars and colloquiums presuppose active student participation. Writing and presentation of papers will be a prerequisite for the possibility to submit the exam. In some cases papers and presentations functions as partial exams. The specific course descriptions provide further information.




University of Oslo

Forms of examination and assessment

In the courses comprising the program, the exam questions are given in English, and the answers are normally supposed to be delivered in English. Norwegian students may answer in Norwegian.

The exams may be written or oral. Oral exams might be individual examinations or trial lecture for an audience. Written examinations are either seminar papers to be delivered at the end of the course or a final 4 hours school exam. Type of exam is specified in the course descriptions.

Grading scale

The program contains both courses using the pass/fail scale and courses using the grading scale with five steps from A to E for pass and F for fail, cf. § 6.1 i Forskrift om studier og eksamener ved Universitetet i Oslo (Norwegian only). Each course description provides more information about the grading scale in use.

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