Learning outcomes

The research and teaching aim to provide you with a solid foundation for developing the use of renewable energy systems in society. The study is suitable for those who wish to work with renewable energy systems.

After completing a master in renewable energy systems, you have achieved:

Learning Objectives


  • You have a good understanding of renewable energy systems, its components and interactions between the components. This includes all renewable energy technologies, different storage technologies, distribution grid, smart grid including sensors. Regulation and control, and both “stand alone” systems and large integrated distribution systems.
  • You have a good understanding of national and international regulations and framework conditions for renewable energy systems. This also includes different price models and actions.
  • You have profound knowledge in a special field such as solar energy, storage, smart grid.
  • You have approximately specialized knowledge in a field of renewable energy systems achieved through the work on a master thesis.


  • You are able to perform an initial design of a renewable energy system.
  • You are able to design in detail a subsystem
  • You are able to analyze how changes in functionality in a component will affect the other components of the system. 
  • You are able to use laboratories and emulators of renewable energy systems to analyze relevant issues. 
  • You are able to identify, define, present and communicate issues within the subject area. 
  • You are able to conduct an independent, limited research or development project under supervision and in accordance with current research ethical standards in renewable energy systems.

General competence

  • You should be familiar with the subject's development, limitations and opportunities - academic, ethical and social.
  • You should be familiar with innovation and innovation processes.
  • You should be used to working in interdisciplinary groups.
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