Semester abroad

The students will be offered the option to either spend the majority of the third semester abroad  or work on a researched-based history project that includes a mandatory visit to at least one archive abroad.

Option to travel abroad

The student will for the majority of one term be associated with an institution (organisation, office or company) in the area relevant to the student’s Master programme, such as a Norwegian embassy or consulate, a company or a voluntary organization. In practical terms, the student’s time will be divided between tasks for the institution and his or her own writing of a project report. The report will normally be of relevance to the institution’s field of activity and needs. The theme of the report will be decided upon in collaboration between the institution, the student and the student’s supervisor at the University of Oslo. A supervisor will be identified by the student’s department.

Students who choose the research-based history project option will choose between predetermined assignments and work on a paper for the majority of the semester. At least one archival trip abroad is mandatory.

Both options are credited 25 ECTS upon satisfactory completion.

For students who have well documented reason that prevents them from traveling abroad, the programme will try to find a suitable alternative, for example working for a international organization in Oslo. But the Department will decide if the documented reasons are satisfactory for an exemption.

Please explore the course descriptions for more information:

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