Career opportunities

Candidates with a degree in Modern International and Transnational History will be attractive for both the public and private sector, especially for businesses and organizations that have an international outlook. The candidates will have a greater understanding of transnational processes and will be able to identify and work with the opportunities and challenges that often are unique when working across borders.

Possible fields of expertise

  • Project management and project work
  • Administrative procedure and various administrative tasks
  • Counselling and guidance
  • Research
  • Management
  • Organizational work

A broad range of possible business sectors are:

  • Public services and public administration
  • Private organizations and enterprises
  • Special interest groups and NGOs

Program specific details

All students will have finished either a field term abroad, worked with an international organization in Oslo or completed a research-oriented History Project abroad. This important part of the programme will let the students apply their knowledge in a work environment, create networks and prepare them for a career after a finished degree. Both the field term and the master’s thesis will create career opportunities for our candidates, either in academia or in the public and private sector.

Start developing your career

You will spend the greater part of the third semester either on an internship abroad or on a history project, which contains the production of a research paper based on genuine on-spot archival research outside of Norway. You can also write your master's thesis in cooperation with an external partner. Through this you can get valuable contacts and network that can be useful when you apply for a job after graduation. You can also prepare for working life along the way by participating in career fairs, job search and interview workshops, and career counseling offered to students.

Further studies

The University of Oslo offers Practical Pedagogical Education for Norwegian speaking students:

Read more about reserarch training at the Faculty of Humanities