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Credit transfer of Norwegian education

If you have education from other higher education institutions in Norway, you may apply for credit transfer. The application may include compulsory as well as elective courses.

The academic requirements defined by your programme will determine whether the courses will be eligible. You can find the academic requirements under “Programme structure” on the programme page.

If you need help to plan your course of study, you can request guidance. You can find the contact information under “Contact us” on the programme page.


Most programmes process the applications as they are received. Some programmes have specific deadlines. You can find them under “Admission” on the programme page.

Processing time

In most cases, you will receive a reply within one month. If an academic assessment of your application is required, the processing may take up to four months.

You will receive the result by letter or email.

How to apply

Fill in the form and attach the required documents, cf. the requirements below. Send the application form or deliver it to the faculty's information centre.

Required documents

Compulsory courses

If your application includes compulsory courses, UiO will undertake an academic assessment of the content of these courses. You will therefore need to attach course descriptions with reading lists for all courses that you wish to include in the assessment. The course descriptions should be from the same semester as your examination.

If the application includes theses or major written works, you must attach these. They will be returned to you once the application has been processed.

Elective courses

If your application includes only elective courses, you do not need to attach any information if the courses are from other higher education instututions in Norway.

Documentation of grades

UiO can retrieve your grades from other higher education institutions in Norway.

Education from a small number of higher education institutions, such as BI Norwegian Business School, must nevertheless be documented by a transcript of grades.

Document control

UiO may request submission of original documents. UiO may also request a verification of these documents directly from the institution that has issued them.

Fraudulent documents

Violation of the regulations concerning submission of documents may lead to charges of fraud. Read more about fraudulent documents.


Contact the faculty's information centre


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