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Registrations, deadlines and student card

Register and pay


Register as a student and pay the semester fee:

  • Spring: 1 February
  • Autumn: 1 September

See all deadlines for course registration.

Student ID and student card

You can document your student status with either the digital student ID app on your mobile phone or with a semester receipt on paper and a student card.

Semester dates

  • Autumn 2022: 15 August–21 December
  • Spring 2023: 9 January–16 June

Recognition of education

If you have education from other higher education institutions in Norway or abroad, you can apply for credit transfer. 

Confirmations and verifications

In most cases where you need confirmation or verification, you can use your digital student ID, a paper semester receipt, a transcript or a decision letter.

Personal information

Remember to update your name, address or Norwegian ID number.

Withdrawing from your study programme

If you have decided to withdraw from your study programme, please notify UiO.