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Withdrawing from your study programme

If you have decided to withdraw from your study programme, please notify us.

Before you withdraw

If you are unsure whether your current study programme is the right one for you, you may book a study counselling session.

There are also other options, such as applying for leave of absence or part-time studies for a period.

Please contact the faculty's information centre to book study counselling.

How to notify us

Send us an email or a letter if you still wish to withdraw from the programme. You will find the address in your study programme's contact information.

Some faculties have their own form which should be used instead of an email or letter:

  • Faculty of Social Sciences: webform (in Norwegian)
  • Faculty of Educational Sciences: webform

Withdrawal from an examination

Are you registered for classes and exams? To avoid using an exam attempt, remember to withdraw from the exams. This is done in Studentweb.


Contact the faculty information centre.


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