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Booking of reading room seats

Seats in reading rooms are booked in TP: Room booking.

Book a reading room seat in TP: Room booking

To show available reading room seats, do the following:

  • Tick the box for Single seat.

You can specify a time and place, or click on "Show available rooms" to see all reading rooms available for you.

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Are you a student and an employee?

If you are a student as well as an employee, you also have to tick the box "Set student: Student".

Choose seating and confirm

Before you book your seat, you have to enter a description and choose seating among available options. You can also choose to be assigned a seat randomly. 

Finally, click "Confirm" to book your seat.

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The booked seat will appear in My Bookings in TP.

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Cancel seat and remove started booking

  • You can cancel future bookings in My bookings.
  • You can remove a started booking in My bookings

Seat confirmation using QR code

Some reading rooms require that you confirm your seat on arrival. This is done by scanning a QR-code placed on your seat. If you do not confirm your seat, your reservation will be cancelled.

General restrictions

  • Number of days ahead you can book: 3
  • How long a booking can last: 14 hours
  • How many future bookings you can have: 3
  • How many future hours of bookings one can have in total: 20 hours
  • Repeat bookings are not possible.

Overview of rooms and reading room seats in use

You can use this overview to see rooms and reading room seats that are in use. 

You can filter the search by area, building, room and room type. 

If you want to see which colloquium room that are in use, choose "Colloquium room" under "Room type"

To see which reading room seats that are in use, check the box "Show places"

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Opening hours

Different rooms may have different opening hours. Access to individual reading rooms depends on this.

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