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Students on parental leave

If you need parental leave, you must apply to the faculty. When planning your parental leave, you must familiarize yourself with the State Education Loan Fund's regulations on maternity/paternity leave.

Parental grant from the State Education Loan Fund

When you apply for parental leave, you must familiarize yourself with the State Education Loan Fund's criteria for parental grants. Parental leave from the university can be shorter or longer than the Loan Fund's period of parental grant.

Period of leave

If you are going on parental leave, you can apply for whole semesters as well as for parts of a semester. In the application form, state the date when you wish to start your leave and the date when you wish to return to the study programme.

The faculty will arrange for you to return to your study programme as soon as possible after the end of leave. If this is not possible, the faculty will adjust the length of the leave.

Paying the semester fee and registering as a student

You can choose to pay the semester fee and register as a student while on parental leave, even if you do not follow any courses. This means that you will receive a semester card and retain access to the student welfare services. The ordinary deadlines apply for paying the semester fee and registering as a student. Note that the Norwegian State Education Loan Fund will not get the student status information about you if you are on leave from your studies, even if you have registered and paid the semester fee.

Following courses

You may choose to follow courses (teaching and exams) while on parental leave. This is suitable for students who wish to continue their studies during the period of parental leave, but requires the approval of your study programme. The ordinary deadlines for course registration apply.

In the professional programmes of clinical nutrition, medicine, dentistry, dental care and pharmacy, the teaching schedule is complex and it is not always possible to participate partially. Students on these programmes should therefore contact their faculty to check the possibility for following courses while on parental leave.

New admission to a course

If you must withdraw from a course due to childbirth, you may apply again for admission to the same course. This applies even if the course only allows one admission to the teaching, but requires that the course is still offered when you are back after the parental leave.

Extended period of study

Your period of study is extended for a period equivalent to the period of parental leave. This applies even if you choose to pay the semester fee, register as a student and follow courses.

How to apply?

Read more about leave of absence and submit an application.


Contact the faculty's information centre for more information on parental leave. You should also contact the faculty if you plan to follow courses during the period of parental leave.


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