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Tips for getting started

The first semester at university offers many new experiences: The people, the books, campus and new digital tools. We have a few tips on how to get started as a new student.

Tre studenter går mot kamera på Blindern campus. Bilde.

1. The basics

Schedule, syllabus and exams

  • The courses you will be doing are linked on your study programme's "Programme structure" page.
  • You can find your schedule, syllabus and examination date on the web page of each course.

You can access your syllabus in several ways

  • Some texts will be available online and will be linked on your syllabus.
  • You can purchase your books second hand, from other students, on, Bookis or iBok.
  • Akademika sells textbooks on campus.

Ensure that you buy the right edition of your textbooks when shopping second hand. Talk to your lecturer if questions arise.

Mange studenter går mot kamera med Domus biblioteca og Universitetsplassen i bakgrunnen.

2. Everything in one place with My Studies

En illustrasjon av Mine studier i app-format. Tre mobiler ved siden av hverandre, som viser snarveiene, timeplanen og varslene.

My Studies is an app for mobile and desktop that displays your schedule, messages, and frequently used tools and services in one place. 

  • The mobile app can notify you in case of changes to your schedule.
  • You can subscribe to your schedule, which synchronises with your calendar on mobile.
  • Shortcuts to frequently used tools such as Studentweb, Canvas, Zoom, Microsoft Office, student e-mail, and more.

4. Get to know people, join a student association

Joining a student association is one of the most significant things you can do at university, next to studying.

The University of Oslo has about 300 student associations where thousands of students get together to socialise, be creative, or play games and sports.

Join the activities as a regular member or an active volunteer, and make sure to attend The Student Association Day on 25 August, where you can meet around 120 associations.

Studenter spiller rumpeldunk under studiestart.

5. Tips from experienced students

See how six of our students experienced the Welcome week at UiO and the transition from high school to University.

6. Studentsamskipnaden SiO has a wide variety of offers