Hackathon students improve the Statistics Norway webpages

The ISS students used programming and adaptive learning to ameliorate statistics and computer analysis for enterprises and development organisations.

Take a look at the news article in Uniforum.

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The Hackathon students on the last day of the course. Photo: Course leader Alex Moltzau.

The new data science course at UiO/ ISS had many applicants. The students came from a broad specter of subject areas, and they collaborated with five different stakeholders.

The five stakeholders had five diverse cases to be resolved by the Hackathon students. The stakeholders were:

  • Norad
  • OPX
  • The United Nations Association of Norway (FN-sambandet),
  • Statistics Norway
  • The Office of the Auditor General monitors the public sector (Riksrevisjonen)
The course leaders of the Political Data Science Hackathon course.
The course leaders Solveig Bjørkholt and Alex Moltzau are impressed with the student findings from the Political Data Science Hackathon course at ISS. Photo: Benedicte Blix








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Published Aug. 12, 2022 1:43 PM - Last modified Aug. 12, 2022 2:45 PM