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Applications for the Autumn courses are closed

The deadline for the Autumn NORA courses was June 1, it is now too late to apply.

Streaming of the 70th Opening Ceremony - Monday, June 27, 18:30

On Monday, June 27 the 70th ISS session will officially open with our Opening Ceremony at the Aula, and we want to share the experience with you!

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Courses at the International Summer School

The International Summer School (ISS) offers intensive Master's and Bachelor's courses each summer, from late June to late July. We welcome over 550 students from about 90 countries.

Learn Norwegian at UiO all year round!

There are a number of Norwegian courses offered at UiO. Each course has a different focus and target group.


01 Jul.
20:30, Chateau Neuf
03 Jul.
04 Jul.
18:30, Domus Athletica
05 Jul.
14:45, Aker River
06 Jul.
14:45, Aker River

The Director's Blog

  • krokus-alien-b Spring in Oslo Apr 29, 2016 03:02 PM

    ”April is the cruellest month”, the English poet T.S. Eliot writes in his poem The Waste Land. I am inclined to agree with him. Over the past couple of weeks we have had bright spring sunshine, heavy rain and even snow and hail here in Oslo. So at least, the weather seems cruel. But now May is just around the corner, summer is drawing steadily closer and we are looking ahead to hopefully more predictable and warmer weather. And what is more, we are looking forward to the summer session, now only eight weeks away.

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ISS has hosted HECUA programmes since 1973. Currently, we provide the infrastructure for HECUA's The New Norway program in the autumn semester.


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