Documentation requirements - Russian Federation

Required education:

  • Аттестат о среднем (полном) общем образовании / Attestat o srednem (polnom) obshem obrazovanii + 1 year of university education, or
  • Аттестат о средем образовании / Attestat o srednem obrazovani + 1 year of university education, or
  • Диплом о среднем профессиональном образовании /Diplom o srednem profesionalnom obrazovanii + 1 year of university education

Documents to be uploaded:

All applicants must upload scanned copies of their supporting documents into the application portal, please name your uploaded files as suggested in the tables below.

Required document Description
Copy of passport or ID card

Please note that only a copy of the ID-page is required. The passport must be valid for at least six months after your departure from Norway.

Name the pdf file passport or idcard

Documentation of name change (if applicable)

Documentation of name change must be uploaded if your name appears different in any document.

Name the pdf file namechange

Documentation of English language proficiency

English test required.

See how to document English proficiency.

Secondary education

What to submit How to submit

Attestat o srednem polnom obshchem obrazovanii

(valid with: Prilozhenie k attestatu o srednem obrazovanii, tabel itogovyh otsenok)

or Attestation on complete general secondary education (portrait format)

or Diplom o srednem profesionalnom obrazovanii (landscape format)

Upload scanned copy of the original documents in the original language (transcripts and Diplmas)

Name the pdf or jpg file secondary


Upload scaned copies ot the documents translated into English by an authorized translator

Name the pdf or jpg file secondarytrans.

Higher education

What to submit How to submit

Academic transcripts and

final degree certificate(s) / Diploma(s) (if applicable)

Upload scanned copy of the original documents in the original language (transcripts and Diplmas)

A scanned copy of the original document must be uploaded. You must also include the Diploma Supplement if you have one. All pages of each document must be included, and all information on the pages must be visible. That includes information about the printing mill (e.g. "МПФ Гознака 1996"), which usually is to be found at the bottom or on the backside of the document.

New requirement: Higher educational documents issued in 2011 and later must be apostilled under the current rules set by Rosobrnadzor. Please read more on NOKUT's webpages.

Name the pdf or jpg file(s) universitymarks and if a Diploma; univeristydipoma


Upload scanned copies translated into English by an authorized translator

Name the pdf or jpg files universitymarkstrans and if a Diploma; Diplomatrans.

Statement of purpose

Required document Description
Statement of purpose

Your statement of purpose should be one page, typed, double spaced (max. 400 words). Tell us why the course is important to you, how it helps you fulfill future goals or how it relates to your current studies or employment. Briefly state your personal qualities that make you a good representative of your country.

Name the file statement

Important about documentation:

  • Upload documents preferably in PDF or JPG format in the online application portal (Søknadsweb) by the application deadline.
  • Incomplete applications will be rejected.
  • You are responsible for uploading all required documentation, as well as ensuring that it is uploaded within the application deadline. As it may take several weeks for institutions and test centres to provide transcripts and/or test scores, please arrange for these documents to be issued as soon as possible.
  • You are liable for your uploaded documents, i.e. that they represent true and unaltered information.
  • Wrongful or misleading information may lead to dismissal and loss of right to study, according to § 7 of Regulations governing studies and examinations at the University of Oslo.
  • Submission of fraudulent documents is illegal, and will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • A random selection of students can be asked to present their original documents before starting their studies.
  • Please note that we maintain the right to contact institutions, firms, associations and government agencies for the purpose of explanation and/or verification of uploaded documents.

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