Kjell Andreas Oddekalv

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Room V01-06
Visiting address Harald Schjelderups hus. Forskningveien 3A
Postal address Postboks 1133 Blindern 0318 Oslo
Other affiliations Faculty of Humanities (Student) Institutt for pedagogikk (Student)

Current research

Kjell Andreas' research is centered around the analysis of the voice in rap music and its musical properties (as detached from its lyrical content). This necessitates a combination of traditional musicological analysis tools such as traditional notation and transcription, as well as more modern sound analysis tools (waveform-analysis, spectrogram) and more interdisciplinary approaches (lingustic tools such as phonological and prosodic analysis; poetry; cognition etc.). Another element to his research is that he is also an active producer and performer.

Academic interests


Musical analysis

Rap/Hip Hop




Masters degree from UiO

Performing guitarist and rapper in the Hip Hop-band Sinsenfist

Featured talks/presentations

Metre meets metre – how do we hear, analyse and listen to rap flows?

(Asynchronous paper at conference "London Calling" - IASPM UK/Eire 2020)


Surrender to the flow - rhyme as the defining structural element in rap

(Presentation at conference "Rhyme and Rhyming in Verbal Song and Art" - Helsinki, Finland 2019)


The urge to "clean up" the rap

(Presentation on microtiming in rap at the Art of Record Production 2019 conference  - Boston, MA)

Social media



Tags: Music Analysis, Popular Music, Music Cognition, Microtiming, Musicology


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  • Oddekalv, Kjell Andreas (2021). Skriv bok om nynorsk rap-suksess - "Høge Brelle" mellom to permar.
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