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We investigate the basic structures and features of rhythmic phenomena and the links between such features and how time is organised in human perception and cognition. We also ask why some rhythms invite dance or other forms of body motion.


We investigate a potential role for rhythm in remembering large-scale formations of time. We study experiences of pleasure and absorption, how rhythm facilitates synchronization, and the social dimensions of such processes. 


We focus on the analysis of human body rhythm and the synthesis of machine rhythm. We investigate how rhythm facilitates interaction and how music influences people's body motion when dancing and when trying to stand still.  

Research groups

Our research groups are distributed across the three research topics Rhythm, Time and Motion.

Research labs

fourMs (Music, Mind, Motion, Machines) is an interfacultary research lab focused on topics on the boundaries of music, cognition and technology. 

FRONT neurolab consists of postdoctoral fellows and research assistants with expertise in cognitive and clinical neuropsychology/neuroscience and cognitive/biological engineering. 

ROBIN aims to contribute to the development of ever more intelligent systems, including motion capture that allows precise tracking of human and robot motion.