Music Tech at IFI

A concert and demo session of new musical works for unconventional technologies developed at UiO. Come and try out a muscle controlled musical instrument, join an iPad-ensemble, or participate in social-media music making! 


  • Ensemble Metatone: new music for touch-screen and percussion
  • #improvAday with Maria Finkelmeier (USA)
  • MuMyo: muscle sensing music from IMV
  • Neural Touch-Screen Ensemble from the ROBIN group
  • Xsens Dance Jockey: making music with full-body motion tracking
  • Research and masters projects in mobile music technologies, musical machine learning, and new interfaces for musical expression

Neural Touch-Screen Ensemble

Charles Martin will present a touch-screen ensemble created using deep recurrent neural networks (RNNs) in Tensorflow. This system listens to the performance of a human lead player and predicts appropriate gestural responses, creating a synthesised touch performance on two other iPads. More information:


Maria Finkelmeier (USA) is the founder of Kadence Arts and incubates unexpected, interactive and participatory performance experiences. The improv-a-day project saw Maria subvert Instagram as a performative medium by recording 15-second percussive improvisations every day using whatever objects she came across. This social-media experiment has been transformed into an interactive musical performance.


Alexander Refsum Jensenius and other researchers from IMV will present MuMyo: An interactive musical exploration using the Myo muscle-sensing armband. In this demo and performance, visitors can try out different musical possibilities using this platform:

MicroJam: A social app for tiny performances

MicroJam is a social smartphone app for creating and collaborating on tiny touch-screen performances. This app is the focus of predictive interactive music research in the ROBIN group’s EPEC (Engineering Predictability with Embodied Cognition) project.

Metatone: Music for iPads and Percussion

Ensemble Metatone performs improvised and experimental music using iPad-based instruments and percussion. The group investigates new ensemble connections using touch-screens, networks, sonification, and exploratory composition. This performance will include a collaborative work by Charles Martin, Christina Hopgood, and Maria Finkelmeier.

Xsens Dance Jockey

The Xsens is a full-body motion capture suit using inertial sensors. Kristian Nymoen will present work by IFI and IMV researchers using this system to sonify movement and dance in real-time.



Charles Martin
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