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KOS4015 – New Themes in Asia and Middle East Studies

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The course code is used to offer intensive teaching of brief duration on topics relevant for Asia or Middle East studies or Asia or Middle East related history of religion. It is built around visits by guest professors, small conferences or seminars, new research initiatives or similar events that bring us resources in terms of new people for a brief period or enable us to include students in new research projects. It will be offered as and when such events take place.

The course offered for Spring 2013:
Chinese Media in a Global Context

Learning outcome

The course will offer intensive introduction to new themes in Asia or Middle East studies, with the teaching at a level closely related to research projects. The course will introduce the student properly to the topic, but will often presuppose knowledge about the field. The specific content of the course will vary from semester to semester and will be published via a link under "Course content" (please see above).


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Spring 2013: Students that are admitted to the master's programme option Chinese Society and Politics will have priority.


Formal prerequisite knowledge

Please see the admission requirements defined by the programme option Chinese Society and Politics.


The course consists of 5 seminars/lectures of 3 hours each.
The course requires active participation in class.
Teaching will normally take place over a brief period of time, at any point during the semester.

Spring 2013: The teaching will take place during week 10 and 11 (4-15 March). Please see the detailed teaching plan on the semester site for more information.


The students need to complete a term paper (5-7 normal pages, depending on the course topic) on a topic chosen in cooperation with the teacher and closely connected to the content of the course. The topic is chosen at the beginning of the course, and a draft of the essay must be presented to the teacher midway for preliminary evaluation. Submission of the draft is a prerequisite for being allowed to take the exam.

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Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

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Spring 2010

Emnet vil allikevel ikke gå våren 2013, men vil bli slått sammen med KOS4016 og gå i form av KOS4010.


Spring 2010

Emnet vil allikevel ikke gå våren 2013, men vil bli slått sammen med KOS4016 og gå i form av KOS4010.

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