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EAS4501 – Globalization and Area Studies

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This seminar surveys the field of globalization theory and places it within context of Area Studies practice. The course has four specific objectives: (1) to critically evaluate claims made by globalization theorists, (2) to examine the extent to which globalization as a process may be said to displace, challenge or modify national or regional boundaries, (3) to examine globalization as an historical phenomena and (4) to discuss four central areas of globalization (finance, communication, environment and migration) and to link these topics to theoretical problems which confront researchers in Area Studies.

Learning outcome

Students will be introduced to fundamental issues in the study of society and culture, and be invited to reach their own conclusions through oral and written evaluation of texts. Fundamental to the course is the issue of scale. Students will be asked to respond to the challenge issued by globalization theory: that thinking in terms of a world scale is now required in order to understand on-going social dynamics.


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Formal prerequisite knowledge

Admission to the EAS Master program, LAP or other relevant master program.

Recommended previous knowledge

NORAM4500 – Methods course. North America studies, Program for European and American studies (discontinued) or other methods courses on master level.


Taught throughout the semester with two hours per week (28 hours in all). Regular attendance is expected. Students are expected to use the mid-semester teaching break for study and writing.

Certain requirements have to be fulfilled during the course. Each student must give an oral presentation. The presentation has to be approved by the teacher in order for the student to sit the exam. Once the course requirements have been fulfilled, they remain valid for the current and the two consecutive semesters.


The grade is based on a three-day take-home exam.

All written papers must be accompanied by a declaration concerning cheating. Obligatorisk erklæring vedr. fusk

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Language of examination

English. Students taking this course as part of another program than NORAM may write their exam in Norwegian.

Grading scale

Grades are awarded on a scale from A to F, where A is the best grade and F is a fail. Read more about the grading system.

Marks will be published on Studentweb no later than three weeks after the submission date/exam.

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Autumn 2007

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