Semester page for ENG4341 - Autumn 2004

Torsdag 28. oktober Auditorium 3, Helga Engs hus, 1415—1600, ENG 2301/ENG4341 Renaissance, Røstvig Foundation Guest Lecture: Professor Gordon Campbell, University of Leicester, ‘Falling in Love in Milton’s Eden’

Oct. 13, 2004 2:00 AM

Juan Pellicer is unfortunately unable to come to the lectures today (Monday 13th September), so all teacheing in ENG4341 is cancelled today.

Sep. 13, 2004 2:00 AM

Deadline: The submission of the term paper is Monday the 6th of December. It has to be handed in at the IBA office by 3 p.m.

Aug. 24, 2004 2:00 AM