Semesterside for INF5110 - Vår 2020

Hi, not that the information is buried under all the newer announcements, here again:

it has been APPROVED that this semester, the exam form is


        ORAL (muntlig)


with bestatt/ikke bestatt (pass/fail).


The day is 12.June (the original day) and 11 June (for slack).


The information is NOT yet incorporated in the official part of the course web-site (so that information, while looking official, is OUT OF DATE for now). It will be updated centrally (maybe via the FS/Felles-system), to reflect the change.


More detailed instructions (what to expect, allocation of slots, technical side conditions) will follow.. There are already IFI/MN/UIO pages with info about oral-exams-during-virus times.

19. mai 2020 12:57

Here is the email as beskjed (for those who don't read emails...)




the last 2 ZOOM meetings were either empty or with one person. That's
fine, insofar there is no new material and if there are no question it
does not matter much.

It seems that officially (accoding to the centrally administered
timeplan), today is the last meeting. Of course, if question afterwards
comes up, it's fine as well.

But I will be there again today at the usual time (see below). One part
will (again) probably be about oral exams. We had that before, I have no
overview how many people where there last time, probably not
everyone. So if there are questions about that, please take the

In particular, the UIO or matnat have put out more information about the
exam. They said, they sent information to students,...

14. mai 2020 08:39

again: no new material, but open session, Q&A, exam prep if wanted


11. mai 2020 12:00