Persons tagged with «Counselling»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne-Gro Berg Berg, Anne-Gro Senior Adviser +47-22857776 ePhorte, Training, Archives, Support, Counselling, Web publishing
Picture of Henrik Arnold Borge Borge, Henrik Arnold Senior Executive Officer +47-22844053 Counselling, Archives, Courses, ePhorte, Mail room, Registry, Request for access to information, Records management, Support
Picture of Sigrid Førland Førland, Sigrid Senior Executive Officer +47-22858169 Archives, Counselling, Records management, Registry, ePhorte, Mail room, Support, Request for access to information, Courses
Picture of Mette Gregusson Gregusson, Mette Adviser +47-22858179 +47-48212865 Parental leave, Counselling
Picture of Ina Høj Hinden Hinden, Ina Høj Adviser +47-22856396 Support, Counselling, Web publishing, Training, ePhorte
Picture of Are Holsted Holsted, Are Adviser +47-22844058 Reporting, Support, Archives, Counselling, ePhorte, Training
Picture of Aase Elisabeth Kolstad Kolstad, Aase Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22856308 +47-95037291 Project management, Counselling, Oracle, Application management
Picture of Tor-Audun Kræmer-Olsen Kræmer-Olsen, Tor-Audun Adviser +47-22858157 ePhorte, Records management, Request for access to information, Archives, Support, Mail room, Counselling, Registry, Courses
Picture of Cecilie Løberg Løberg, Cecilie Senior Executive Officer +47-22854772 +47-94841785 NAV reimbursements, Counselling, Parental leave
Picture of Maja Jenssen Malnes Malnes, Maja Jenssen Senior Executive Officer +47-22858033 Personnel administration, Training, Regulatiions, Reporting, Whydentify, Counselling, Project management, Employment agency, Jobbnorge, Employments
Picture of Tone Morken Morken, Tone Senior Adviser +47-22856322 +47-95832712 Financial reports, Application management, Project management, Oracle, Counselling, Basware, System development
Picture of Erland Nettum Nettum, Erland Adviser +47-22844229 Mobility, Counselling, Training
Picture of Kristoffer Nymark Nymark, Kristoffer Senior Executive Officer +47-22841043 +47-97195765 Sick leave, NAV reimbursements, Web publishing, Long-term sick leave, Counselling
Picture of Jan Rykken Rykken, Jan Senior Adviser +47-22858555 SAPUiO, HR system, Application management, Counselling, Salary
Picture of Aina Sandvik Sandvik, Aina Senior Executive Officer +47-22841038 Counselling, Sick leave, NAV reimbursements, Long-term sick leave
Picture of Anne Skotte Skotte, Anne Adviser +47-22851345 Parental leave, Counselling
Storbæk, Kristin Adviser +47-22854030 +47-47652534 Events, Counselling
Picture of Kristin Sørby Sørby, Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856801 Archives, ePhorte, Counselling, Project management
Picture of Brede Tarald Fannemel Trollsås Trollsås, Brede Tarald Fannemel Senior Adviser +47-22841035 +47-91604437 SAPUiO, Salary, Counselling, Project management, HR system, Web publishing, Application management, Reporting
Picture of Geir Magnus Walderhaug Walderhaug, Geir Magnus Adviser +47-22844057 Training, Counselling, ePhorte, Archives
Picture of Heidi Wang Wang, Heidi Adviser +47-22857846 +47-48237080 Counselling, Application testing management, Project management, Basware, Application management, Oracle
Picture of Anne Cathrine Wiersholm Wiersholm, Anne Cathrine Senior Adviser +47-22854867 +47-90027567 Counselling, Financial reports, System development, Application management, Project management, Oracle
Picture of Christin Øvstaas Øvstaas, Christin Senior Adviser +47-22855929 +47-41445397 Basware, Counselling, System development, Oracle, Application management