Persons tagged with «Project management»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Cecilie Andersen Andersen, Cecilie Adviser +47-22851802 +47-97755640 HR development, Competence development, Courses, Project management
Picture of Lena Andersen Andersen, Lena Section Manager +47-22855330 ePhorte, Project management, Archives
Picture of Anne Margrete Bergfall Bergfall, Anne Margrete Adviser +47-22857925 Project management, Switchboard, Learning environment
Picture of Trond Buvik Buvik, Trond Senior Engineer +47-91853199 Property Development, Project management
Picture of Trine Faye-Lund Faye-Lund, Trine Senior Architect +47-48040268 Project management
Picture of Ellen Svendby Gravklev Gravklev, Ellen Svendby Senior Adviser +47-22854476 +47-95100467 Project Management, IT Advisory, Application Management, Oracle, Basware
Picture of Anita Handegard Handegard, Anita Senior Adviser +47-22857721 +47-91649176 Application Management, HR system, IT Advisory, Project Management
Picture of Sten-Are Harjo Harjo, Sten-Are Head Engineer +47-90044455 Project management
Picture of Bjørn Egil Haugen Haugen, Bjørn Egil Senior Adviser +47-41577657 +47-41577657 Project management, Process support
Picture of Leif Jarle Haugen Haugen, Leif Jarle Senior Architect +47-22857876 +47-91756376 Project management, Universal design
Picture of Lin Anett Haugsland Haugsland, Lin Anett Senior Adviser +47-934 44 303 Internal audit, Administration, Project management
Picture of Thomas Forslund Johnsen Johnsen, Thomas Forslund Senior Architect +47-91707300 Property Development, Strategy, Project management
Picture of Aase Elisabeth Kolstad Kolstad, Aase Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22856308 +47-95037291 Application management, Project management, Counselling, Oracle
Picture of Elisabeth Kvalvåg Kvalvåg, Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22857749 +47-92207749 +4792207749 Training, Project management, Facilitation, Counsellingle
Picture of Kristin Lindley Lindley, Kristin Project Manager +47-22856004 +47-95165128 Project management, Analysis
Picture of Maja Jenssen Malnes Malnes, Maja Jenssen Adviser +47-22858033 Project management, Counselling, Reporting, Training, Jobbnorge, Employment agency, Whydentify, Regulatiions, Personnel administration, Employments
Picture of Tone Morken Morken, Tone Senior Adviser +47-22856322 +47-95832712 Application management, Project management, Counselling, System development, Financial reports, Oracle, Basware
Picture of Erik Munthe-Kaas Munthe-Kaas, Erik Assistant Director +47-99206503 Management, Project management, Financial control, Property development
Picture of Hanne Nybøen Nybøen, Hanne Project management
Picture of Chandani Ratnaweera Ratnaweera, Chandani Senior Architect +47-22841095 +47-91832116 Project management
Picture of Lene Renneflott Renneflott, Lene Senior Adviser +47-22855040 +47-91748937 HR development, Competence development, Leadership development, Counselling, Project management
Picture of Marianne Rieber-Mohn Rieber-Mohn, Marianne Head Engineer +47-92647020 Project management, Building matters, Construction
Picture of Trond Ryd Ryd, Trond Senior Adviser +47-22855358 +47-93240725 Project management, Counselling, Reporting, Analysis, HR key data, External work
Picture of Jorulf Brøvig Silde Silde, Jorulf Brøvig Project Manager +47-22854511 +47-95720116 Innovation, Project management, Environment, Quality system
Picture of Geir Ove Solheim Solheim, Geir Ove Senior Engineer +47-41459336 Project management, Strategy