Persons tagged with «Regulations»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Berg, Gina Kristine Adviser +47-22841837 Regulations, Annual report, External work, Use of administrative language
Picture of Finn Ragnar Berger Berger, Finn Ragnar Senior Executive Officer +47-22856205 Appeals Committee at UiO, Regulations
Picture of Christopher Martin Brown Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47-22854192 +47-97015910 Salary, Taxes, Regulations, Internal audit, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group
Picture of Birgitte Brørs Brørs, Birgitte Adviser +47-22841117 Admissions, Regulations, Web publishing, Appeals
Picture of Birgitte Eikeset Eikeset, Birgitte Adviser +47-22854309 Admissions, Regulations
Picture of Arild Ekker Ekker, Arild Senior Executive Officer +47-22856282 National Student Database, Regulations
Picture of Lena Charlotte Finseth Finseth, Lena Charlotte Senior Adviser +47-22854229 National Student Database, Student data, Regulations
Hanneborg, Wenche Senior Adviser +47-22854372 Regulations, Strategy, Civil service law
Picture of Kirsti Margrethe Mortensen Mortensen, Kirsti Margrethe Adviser +47-22857834 +47-90571521 Regulations
Picture of Einar Noreik Noreik, Einar Lawyer +47-22856646 Legal counselling, Regulations, Contracts
Picture of Kjersti Rusten Rusten, Kjersti Adviser +47-22844820 Admissions, Regulations
Picture of Irene Sandlie Sandlie, Irene Director of Personnel +47-22857472 +47-41680540 Regulations, Strategy, Facilitation
Picture of Jonny Roar Sundnes Sundnes, Jonny Roar Senior Adviser +47-22857198 Regulations, Quality assurance system, Programme descriptions, Joint degrees, Strategy
Picture of Mari Theodorsen Theodorsen, Mari Adviser +47-22859358 Salary negotiations, Civil service law, Regulations
Picture of Ragnhild Sverdrup Tveitan Tveitan, Ragnhild Sverdrup Administrative Manager +47-22841027 +47-91132645 Management, Payroll, Regulations