Persons tagged with «Training»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Anne-Gro Berg Berg, Anne-Gro Senior Adviser +47-22857776 ePhorte, Counselling, Support, Training, Web publishing, Archives
Picture of Camilla Eidsten Evensen Evensen, Camilla Eidsten Adviser +47-22856070 +47-90203552 Web publishing, Web editor, Training, Communication
Picture of Mette Gregusson Gregusson, Mette Adviser +47-22858179 +47-48212865 Parental leave, Reimbursements, Training
Picture of Ina Høj Hinden Hinden, Ina Høj Adviser +47-22856396 ePhorte, Training, Support, Counselling, Web publishing
Picture of Are Holsted Holsted, Are Adviser +47-22844058 Archives, Reporting, Support, Training, Counselling, ePhorte
Picture of Tove Juul Juul, Tove Senior Adviser +47-22857070 +47-45403808 Absence, Sick leave, Reimbursements, Training
Picture of Nina Jørgensrud Jørgensrud, Nina Adviser +47-22856160 Reconciliation, Salary payments, Training, Control and Reconciliation Group
Picture of Elisabeth Kvalvåg Kvalvåg, Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22857749 +47-92207749 +4792207749 Training, Project management, Facilitation, Counsellingle
Picture of Cecilie Løberg Løberg, Cecilie Senior Executive Officer +47-22854772 +47-94841785 Parental leave, Reimbursements, Training
Picture of Hege Elisabeth Løvbak Løvbak, Hege Elisabeth Adviser +47-22854053 92042455 +47-92042455 Gender equality, Reporting, Training
Picture of Erland Nettum Nettum, Erland Adviser +47-22844229 Mobility, Counselling, Training
Picture of Lars K. Riddervold Riddervold, Lars K. Personnel Manager +47-22856354 +47-95205208 Personnel, Management, Employment, Payment, HSE, Competence development, Training
Picture of Geir Magnus Walderhaug Walderhaug, Geir Magnus Adviser +47-22844057 Counselling, Archives, Training, ePhorte