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fourMs - Music, Mind, Motion, Machines

fourMs is an interfacultary research network focused on topics on the boundaries of music, cognition and technology. From 2018 the network will be reshaped into RITMO - Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Rhythm, Time and Motion, a Norwegian Centre of Excellence.

Researchers in the network come from the ROBIN group (Informatics), FRONT Neurolab (Psychology), and the Department of Musicology, and have access to state-of-the-art laboratories in the three departments.



23 Nov.
10:00 AM, Informatics library (1st floor OJD)

Workshop on the XTH Sense, an award-winning, free and open biophysical technology. Participants build their own low-cost, biophysical muscle sounds sensor, and experience an intensive training on bodily performance of music, live video and other media.

06 Dec.
1:00 PM, National Library of Norway

A workshop organized by the SoundTracer project.

12 Dec.
1:15 PM, 103, ZEB

The fourMs Forum is a monthly seminar for all interested researchers.

Tags: music, mind, motion, machines, rhythm, time, machine learning, brain, mind
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