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RITMO is an interdisciplinary research centre and is organized "horizontally" within the University of Oslo, overlapping with the Departments of Psychology, Informatics, and Musicology. All RITMO researchers are therefore also affiliated with one (or more) of the three departments.

Research organisation

Within RITMO, the researchers are organised in four research clusters.

Within these research clusters are interdisciplinary research projects each focusing on a different aspect of rhythm.

Centre management

Portrait of a smiling lady with fair hair
Deputy Director Professor Anne Danielsen


Portrait image of lady with dark long hair
Head of Administration Pia Søndergaard


RITMO's board

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Mathilde Skoie, leader of the board.
Dean of Research, the Faculty of Humanities


Zafer Özgen
Zafer Özgen
Head of Department - Department of Musicology, University of Oslo


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Bjørn Lau
Head of Department - Department of Psychology, University of Oslo


Stephan Oepen
Stephan Oepen
Head of Department - Department of Informatics, University of Oslo


Scientific Advisory Board

AnkerThe members of RITMO's Scientific Advisory Board are highly acclaimed researchers within their respective fields. The Board is vital to providing feedback on on-going and future research, and its members have been carefully chosen to support the different parts of RITMO.

Professor Georgina Born is Professor of Music and Anthropology at the Faculty of Music, University of Oxford.
Eric Clarke
Professor Eric Clarke is Heather Professor of Music at the University of Oxford.
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Professor Nicola Dibben is Professor at the Department of Music, University of Sheffield.
 Dr. Rebecca Fiebrink is a Reader at  the Creative Computing Institute, University of Arts London.


Robert Knight
Professor Robert T. Knight is a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Berkeley, University of California.
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Professor Danica Kragic is a Professor at the School of Computer Science and Communication at the Royal Institute of Technology, KTH.
Professor Serge Lacasse is Professor in Musicology at Université Laval.
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Professor Marc Leman is "Methusalem" research professor in systematic musicology and director of IPEM, the research center of the musicology department at Ghent University.


Kia Nobre
Professor Kia Nobre is Head of Department of Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford.
Professor Xavier Serra is Professor at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona.
Professor Jonathan Sterne is Professor and James McGill Chair in Culture and Technology at the Department of Art History and Communication Studies, McGill University.
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Professor Andy Tyrrell is Professor and Head of Department at the Department of Electronic Engineering, University of York.


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Professor Peter Vuust is Professor at the Center for Music in the Brain, Aarhus University.