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Applications on UiO Program Kiosk

UiO Program Kiosk

The main access point for server based applications is the UiO Program kiosk. The kiosk is available for all platforms. Please use the Log in-button, or click the link below to read more. 

The program kiosk gives you access to lots of applications:

  • Statistical software like R, Stata, SAS, SPSS
  • Office 2016
  • Photoshop
  • Internet Explorer with access to UiO and research web sites
  • And more...

Log on to
UiO Program kiosk

Updated versions

If you are using Windows 7 you need to make sure your Remote Desktop client is updated. You do that by running Windows Update and installing all updates, including optional updates.

If you are running Linux you need to run XFreeRDP version 2.0 or newer,


Update of UiO Programkiosk 25.01.2017

Due to an update of the UiO Programkiosk 25th of january, you will need to check/update the weebfeed (that let you have the applications directly in the Start menu).
Klick here to se how. ("Checking status and updating" at the bottom of the page)

If you have downloaded .rdp-files from and are using these, you have to go to and download them again (with another browser than Internet Explorer). If you don't do this, you will connect to the previous version of UiO Programiosk that eventually will be closed down.


Use the UiO Program Kiosk from: 

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