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Student ID and Student Card

You can document that you are a student either with the digital student ID app on your mobile phone or with a semester receipt on paper and a student card.

The student card can give you access to buildings and rooms on the University and may allow you to obtain printouts.

Student ID on your mobile phone

For a valid semester receipt in the student ID app you must:

  1. have registered as a student in Studentweb and
  2. have paid the semester fee

The picture in the app is the same as you have on your student card. It will be sent automatically to the app. Read more in the section about student cards.

How to install the student ID app

Valid student ID:
Picture of a valid Student ID

Invalid student ID:
Picture of a invalid Student ID

The student ID is valid

  • until 31 January in the autumn semester
  • until 31 August in the spring semester.

Semester receipt on paper

  • A semester receipt on paper is no longer necessary, but together with student card it is an alternative student ID.
  • A paper semester receipt can be ordered in Studentweb. Go to 'More...' in the menu, choose 'Orders' and then 'Semester receipt'.
  • A paper semester receipt will be sent to your semester address after some days.

Student Card

  • Student cards can give you access to buildings and rooms at UiO together with the possibility of retrieving 'pullprint' prints from UiO printers. They may also be used as library cards.
  • To obtain a student card, go to the SiO Customer Service Centre in the Kristian Ottosen building at Blindern. You will need to bring your valid student ID app/paper semester receipt, and your passport/national ID. 
  • SiO will take your picture there.

Has your card been lost or stolen?

Contact The SiO Customer Service Centre at Blindern.

Personalized key card

  • The personalized key card is issued to students staying less than 6 months and who are not entitled to a student card. You can obtain this card at the SiO Customer Service Centre after you have completed semester registration.
  • The personalized key card has the same functions as a student card, but you need to register at the library as a user for it to be a library card.

Student number

All students at the University of Oslo have a UiO student number.

  • The number is shown on your student ID. You will also find your number in Studentweb.
  • The student number may be used at UiO, e.g. if you enquire at one of the faculty information centres with a question concerning your studies.
  • Your student number will not change even if you change your study programme at UiO.


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