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Invoice: electronic invoice

Sending an electronic invoice to University of Oslo

Under the Digitalization Circular, the University of Oslo is obliged, as a government agency, to fully digitalize its management of invoices and credit notes.

We no longer handle hard copy invoices.

Suppliers guide to start sending e-invoices: OpenPEPPOL (

The University of Oslo would like to receive all invoices as electronic invoices.

Foreign suppliers must use the format PEPPOL BIS.

The country code 0192 must precede our organization number as follows: 0192:971035854 (this is our participant ID).

If you have not started using electronic invoices, we recommend that you contact your invoicing or accounting system supplier.

What is an electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice is an invoice that is transferred electronically from the supplier to the invoice recipient.

An electronic invoice is imported and processed electronically in the invoice recipient’s accounts system.

PDF attachments or attachments to emails cannot be imported electronically and are therefore not regarded as electronic invoices.

How do I start sending electronic invoices to UiO?

It is not necessary to enter into a formal agreement between the supplier and UiO.

The supplier must have a system to enable them to send electronic invoices, and be connected to a message centre or access point, which facilitates the exchange of electronic invoices.

The supplier must validate the messages against the specifications.


Supplier support for the University of Oslo’s e-invoice routines:

The University of Oslo would like to receive all invoices as electronic invoices. Our Peppol ID is 0192:971035854.


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