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Invoice: address and marking

Sending an invoice to University of Oslo

The University of Oslo would like to receive all invoices as electronic invoices. Our Peppol ID is 0192:971035854.

Suppliers outside Norway unable to send invoices electronically may send PDF invoices by e-mail to

Suppliers guide to start sending e-invoices: OpenPEPPOL (

See detailed information on sending an invoice by email.

Invoices are received and processed electronically.

Requirement for Norwegian Suppliers is to send the invoices electronically, EHF-format 3.0.

The invoice must be made out to the University of Oslo and sent to:

Invoice address for electronic invoice

E2B: NO971035854MVA

EHF/Peppol: 0192:971035854

Supplier support reminders:

Requirements for invoice content

  • Purchase order number or ordering code
  • All invoices must include information required by the Norwegian Accounting Act.
  • All invoices to the University of Oslo need to include bank account information/wire transfer instructions.

What is an electronic invoice?

An electronic invoice is an invoice that is transferred electronically from the supplier to the invoice recipient. An electronic invoice is imported and processed electronically in the invoice recipient’s accounts system. PDF attachments or attachments to emails cannot be imported electronically and are therefore not regarded as electronic invoices.

How do I start sending electronic invoices to UiO?

It is not necessary to enter into a formal agreement between the supplier and UiO. The supplier must have a system to enable them to send electronic invoices, and be connected to a message centre or access point which facilitates the exchange of electronic invoices. The supplier must validate the messages against the specifications.

Email invoice

Email invoices address, Suppliers outside Norway:

We have automated retrieval for invoices sent as attachments in emails.

  • Emails received with valid invoice files are forwarded to automatic interpretation and verification.
  • Only the following file formats are supported: JPEG, JPG, PDF, PNG, TIFF and TIF.
  • Appendices and specifications must be attached in the same file as the invoice, otherwise they will neither be handled nor returned.
  • Unsupported files or separate appendices and specifications will not be handled or returned.
  • Text in subject or content will not be read or handled.
  • The invoice and must contain the purchase order number.

  • Links to invoices in content will not be handled.


  • Terms of payment: Net 30 days unless other written agreement.
  • Marking: Always mark invoice with a purchase order number or a 8 digit code. This is required for all invoices.
  • University of Oslo’s purchase order numbers in 2021 start with 6000….
  • The 8 digit code can have different combinations, depending on the University unit placing the order.
  • The 8 digit code will be supplied to you when a person is placing the order, otherwise the purchase order number 6000…..will appear.This is important, without the purchase order number or the 8 digit code, the invoice will not be submitted for approval and payment in our system.
  • PDF invoices: do not enter billing information in the email, only the attachment is imported into our system.
  • Handwritten text and labeling is not valid because of automated interpretation of input data.
  • Invoices with correct billing address, purchase order number or 6 digit code, ensures timely treatment and reduces time spent in the invoice flow.
  • Invoices from our suppliers that are not marked with the correct billing address, a purchase order number or a 6 digit code will delay the approval and payment.


Supplier support for the University of Oslo's invoice routines:

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