University Museums

Natural History Museum

Located in the beautiful Botanical Garden at Tøyen, in the eastern part of Oslo, the Natural History Museum has Norway's most comprehensive collection of natural history objects - 7.7 million objects in total.

Museum of Cultural History

With both the Historical Museum in downtown Oslo and the the iconic Viking Ship Museum at Bygdøy, the Museum of Cultural History houses Norway's greatest collections of archeological artifacts from Norwegian antiquity and medieval times - from early stone age to the Viking era. The Museum also has a considerable collection of church art from the Middle Ages and an extensive archive of Runes - the pre-Latin form of writing. The Museum of Cultural History also has a collection of Egyptian mummies, a coin cabinet and ethnographic exhibitions.

Viking Ship Museum

The world's best-preserved ships from the Viking era, the burial findings of Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune are a national treasure worth a journey of its own. Located at the peninsula of Bygdøy in western Oslo, the Viking Ship Museum is Norway's most visited museum with an annual number of visitors of approximately 430,000. 


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