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Lost and found

Valuables and cards

  • Valuables found on the university premises can be collected at the Security Operation Center. Valuables include for example wallets, cell phones, laptops, and key- or student cards. 
  • If you have lost your key- or student card you must contact the Security Operation Center to deactivate the old card and obtain a new one.
  • The Security Operation Center is open 24 hours a day, and is located in Kristine Bonnevies hus in Blinderveien 31. The entrance is from Moltke Moes vei.


  • Abandoned and visibly damaged bicycles are collected by the UiO Landscape Services, usually at Christmas and Easter. The bikes are stored for three months before they are recycled.
  • Bike locks locked to bicycle racks without bikes will be removed.
  • For questions about collected bicycles contact the UiO Landscape Services at 22 85 59 51.

Other lost items

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