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Procedure for fire drill


The procedure shall ensure that employees and students have sufficient know-how and skills to handle fires, and that regular fire drills are carried out.


This procedure applies to all units at UiO.


The manager is responsible for ensuring that fire drills for own employees are conducted and documented, and that a post-drill evaluation is followed up. Local risk assessment and basic fire prevention training should be a basis for frequency of drills, type and scope.

The Estate Department (EA) is responsible for carrying out a minimum of one evacuation drill annually in all UiO-owned buildings and by agreement in leased buildings.


  • The manager shall ensure that a minimum of one drill per year is conducted for all employees.
  • The content of fire drills may differ with respect to theory and practice. Refresher courses, teaching and e-learning can also be approved as a drill.
  • In buildings with many students, evacuation drills should be carried out at the beginning of the semester.

Annual evacuation drill under the EA’s direction:

The Area Manager in the EA shall ensure that an annual evacuation drill is held in all buildings included in the portfolio.


  1. The EA shall set the time and date for evacuation drills in consultation with local management and Floor Contacts to clarify whether there are any vulnerable activities taking place. Examples include exams, defences of theses, events or special laboratory activities.
  2. The EA shall ensure that the Security Operation Centre, operations personnel and Floor Contacts practise their role during the drill.
  3. The EA shall ensure notification to UiO’s Security Operation Centre and the fire brigade, as well as control of alarm transmission.

  4. The EA shall assess whether the evacuation drill should include the use of smoke or cordons to practise using alternative escape routes.


  1. The EA shall sound the fire alarm and observe how the evacuation proceeds, as well as whether technical fire prevention measures work as intended.
  2. The Floor Contact shall initiate the evacuation on the floor and observe how evacuation proceeds.
  3. The EA shall stop the fire alarm when the evacuation is complete and inform everyone on site about the drill. Please note that there may be several meeting places.
  4. Floor Contacts shall contact the representative from the EA and provide information about observations.


  1. After the drill has been completed, the EA shall verify that technical fire prevention measures that were used during the drill work as intended.
  2. The EA shall evaluate and document the drill together with the relevant Floor Contacts and student association with operating responsibility for the "Kjeller" (basement). The evaluation form for fire drills shall be used.
  3. Errors and deficiencies must be recorded in the Speak up portal.
  4. The Floor Contact shall inform the local manager about the evaluation from the EA.
  5. The Floor Contact shall document who participated in the drill. Participation lists are not kept for students.


Registration follows the procedure for HSE training


Filing HSE documents


Rules and other framework criteria

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