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Before submitting a report

What does reporting and anonymity on online forms mean?

  • Reporting something means telling us about censurable conditions or behaviour. All reports are taken seriously, and your employer is required to handle cases in line with the UiO’s reporting procedures. This means that all cases which are reported are followed up under a formal process.
  • UiO’s online form for reporting censurable conditions is encrypted and will be submitted on a secure electronic line to our Internal Auditing Unit (EIR).
  • The Internal Auditing Unit will ensure that your case is followed up.
  • Reports submitted by using the UiO’s reporting system will not be anonymous, but your case will be treated in confidence by employees who have a duty of confidentially, both during your case is processed and after it has been closed.
  • Your case will be saved in our case management system under the report access code and only people who have a service requirement for dealing with your case will have access to it.

Who will know that you have reported something?

  • Your name will not be released to more people than those needed to process your case.
  • Anyone who is accused of something is entitled to know about the accusations, to have access to the case and its documents and to comment. In most cases this means that the accused will know who has reported them.
  • Sensitive information relating to your case will be exempt from public disclosure and your case will be treated in confidence.

Verbal reports

Anonymous reports

  • You can also submit anonymous reports by phone or in a letter.
  • Your safety representative, union representative or your own lawyer can also forward a report.
  • Please be aware that anonymous complaints against employees or fellow students will rarely result in sanctions. In most cases the UiO will need to know who you are in order to follow up a case.

UiO’s duty to investigate

  • UiO accepts no forms of bullying, racism, discrimination or harassment.
  • UiO takes all reports seriously and deals with them in confidence.
  • Whoever receives your report is obliged to forward the case to the line manager responsible in order for investigations to commence.

Requests for transparency

  • The media or others may submit requests for transparency. Requests for transparency are handled in line with the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act.


  • You may wish to discuss your case with someone before you report it. For example, the Occupational Health Service (BHT), your safety representative or your union representative. They may attend meetings with you and provide you with support during the process.
  • Submitting reports can be difficult because you have to describe what you have experienced to the people who are going to investigate your case. You may also be asked to testify if the case is brought to court.
  • Please be aware that you could experience resistance and denial from those who are affected in your case, and this can feel uncomfortable. The BHT, your safety representative or your union representative can provide great support in such difficult cases.
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