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What does reporting involve?

UiO shall ensure a secure working and learning environment subject to the Norwegian Working Environment Act and the Norwegian University and University Colleges Act. The right to report issues will help to both uncover censurable conditions and behaviour and prevent further incidences from arising. 

  • Reporting means telling us about censurable conditions or behaviour at our organisation. Censurable condition or behaviour means breaches of the law, breaches of written ethical guidelines at UiO or breaches of ethical norms which are broadly accepted by society.

Examples of censurable conditions or behaviour

  • Breaches of internal guidelines and ethical norms at UiO
  • Unethical, illegal or criminal behaviour relating to the learning and working environment
  • Corruption, misappropriation of public funds, financial misconduct
  • Abuse of authority, abuse of power, alcohol and substance abuse, breaches of confidentiality and privacy
  • Bullying, discrimination, threats, violence, abuse or various forms of harassment
  • Scientific misconduct or breaches of ethical research norms
  • Pollution or an untenable learning or working environment
  • Faults or defects which could endanger life or health
  • Behaviour at the UiO which has resulted in illness or personal injury

If this applies to you

  • UiO takes bullying, harassment and sexual harassment very seriously. If you have experienced any of these, you can tell your line manager or their manager. If that is difficult, there are several others who you can consult. You can also report the matter by using our report form.
  • Any condition or behaviour which employees believe to be censurable based solely on their own political or ethical convictions is not covered by our reporting provisions. The same also applies to conditions and behaviour which are not of general public interest, which are already widely known and which are publicly available.
  • Other types of censurable conditions or behaviour which affect you personally should be taken up with your line manager or their manager. In such cases you should not use our report form.
  • Disagreements about decisions relating to budget allocations, appointments and academic priorities are not considered to constitute reporting.
  • UiO has its own procedures for handling conflicts and HSE deviations.


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