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HSE system

The HSE system for the University has been developed in accordance with the internal control regulations and SN-BS OHSAS 18001:2007 standard. The system is based on the University's HSE goal of risk under control.

Responsibility for HSE

Managing the working environment is an integral part of the University's primary responsibility. Unless otherwise specifically indicated, documents, policies and procedures adopted at the University level, apply to all levels below. At levels below the University level, the system is deployed locally so that it compliments the University level and is functional in relation to the individual units' needs.

Governing documents

In addition to legislation and the HSE goal, there are several types of documents that govern the HSE system:


The policies are a set of duties, expectations and requirements that are to be implemented. The policies may specify how legislation is to be fulfilled when there are different options, or when they only provide is an overall framework for HSE management at the University. Policies are adopted by the management.

Working Environment Committee decisions

The Working Environment Committee decides on the setting up of safety zones and local working environment committees (LWEC) for such zones. The WEC can also decide how reporting between itself and LWECs will be performed. The Committee can also make decisions with respect to the management system.

Agreements with trade unions

Agreements with the trade unions governing appointment/election of safety representatives and employee representatives to the working environment committees. The delegation of tasks between safety representatives and employee representatives are contractual.

HSE manual


HSE procedures describe how specific HSE measures should be implemented. An HSE procedure that was developed for a unit with organisational subordinate units cannot be superseded by local procedures unless specified in the applicable procedure.

Work Procedures or Standard Operational Procedures are procedures that describe how specific tasks should be performed. These procedures must facilitate HSE requirements, but can be intended to ensure the quality of work or that equipment is used properly. Work Procedures are mainly developed locally within the units.


In addition to procedures, we have developed tools in the form of checklists, forms, templates, signs, etc. like to facilitate the procedure implementation.


OHSAS 18001 ( (Norwegian) the University subscribes to the electronic version, which can be read by anyone logged on to a University PC.

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