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Goals and policies

Objectives of HSE management at the University

To achieve its objective of being a leading research university, the University of Oslo also has to be a leader in the HSE field.
This involves:

  • Working environments for employees and learning environments for students that are completely safe and nurturing
  • A proactive, inclusive and learning organisation
  • Accessible, functional and safe buildings
  • A fully responsible attitude towards the external environment

Operational goals

Keep risk under control by all the University's units striving to act responsibly by a proactive approach to:

  • Identification of relevant HSE risks
  • Specific delegation of responsibility
  • Good risk management and customised emergency response

Enhance the experience of the University by the University's units working together to provide a working and learning environment characterised by equality, respect and transparency through:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Extensive participation
  • The exercising of clear leadership


The policies are a set of duties, expectations and requirements that are to be implemented. The policies may specify how legislation is to be fulfilled when there are different options, or when they only provide is an overall framework for HSE management at the University. Policies are adopted by the management.

The University's HSE policies are listed in the margin on the left.

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