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Local working environment committees (LAMU)

LAMUs have the same duties and executive powers as the AMU, and have to comply with the rules for working environment committees.

LAMU structure

  • On 7 November 2011, the AMU resolved that each university faculty, the two museums (the Natural History Museum NHM and Museum of Cultural History KHM), centres and other entities not affiliated to a faculty or museum, the University Library and The Management and Support Units would be safety zones under the AMU.
  • LAMUs in the safety zones that the AMU created are free to establish LAMUs for the safety zones they create.

Processing procedure

  • The AMU sends a copy of its decisions to the LWECs in their safety zones
  • The LAMUs send copies of the minutes of their meetings to the working environment committee at the level above
  • Any LAMU that sets up a LAMU within its safety zone will send copies of minutes to them.
  • The LAMU's decision must be made available to the staff.
  • Notifications of meetings and relevant documents may be made available to staff when considered relevant.
  • AMU/LAMU shall send the annual report to appropriate board.

Issues LAMUs have to address

  • Comment on annual plans and/or action plans for HSE within their safety zone
  • Ensure that these plans are executed
  • Select a focus area to which special attention is given
  • Injury and accident reports (including near accidents) and other non-conformity reports
  • Ensure that risk assessments are made
  • Ensure that working environment surveys are conducted
  • Discuss and give advice for restructuring
  • Assess the need for procedures for the induction of new staff
  • Assess the need for training of managers, safety representatives, members of local working environment committees, other staff, students
  • Local building projects (Section 18-9)
  • Learning environment matters
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