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Working environment committees

Working environment committees are representative committees set up to ensure implementation of a functional, protective working environment. They will participate in the planning of safety and environmental matters and monitor developments in matters relating to the safety, health and welfare of the staff.


  • The University has a Central Working Environment Committee (AMU), which has divided the University into safety zones.
  • The AMU has decided that faculties, museums, centres and other units not affiliated with a faculty or museum, the University Library and the Management and Support Units are safety zones that must have a Local Working Environment Committee (LAMU).
  • These local working environment committees must divide their safety zones into smaller zones, and may choose to set up a LAMU in such zones.
  • UiO also has a Learning Environment Committee (LMU) consisting of students and representatives of UiO. The AMU has an observer on the LMU and vice versa. The two committees have one joint meeting each year.
  • The AMU adopted 25.2.2004 that LMU an use LAMU as a subcommittee.


The AMU organises a seminar for all members of the local working environment committees. The  LAMU seminar is a result of the joint objective of the university management and AMU to strengthen and facilitate LAMU work. The Frode Olsgaard Memorial Prize has been awarded at this seminar.


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