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Safety representatives

Safety representatives shall safeguard the interests of staff in matters relating to the working environment and ensure that the Working Environment Act is observed. HSE responsibility lies with the manager.

Structure of the safety representative organisation

The safety representative structure in use at the University was adopted by the Working Environment Committee (AMU) on 9 June 2008 and modified mars 11, 2013.

  • Head safety representative
  • Local senior safety representative
  • Senior safety representative
  • Safety representatives.

Election of safety representatives

The University has common procedures for the election of safety representatives. All safety zones (determined by the working environment committees) shall have safety representatives. Units with two or more safety representatives shall elect a senior safety representative for and from the safety representatives. In addition a local senior safety representative is elected in those units where it is decided to have a local senior safety representative. The head safety representative will be appointed by the service organisations. All safety representatives shall have a deputy. Safety representatives serve for two years.

The rights and duties of safety representatives

  • Safety representatives have duties but no responsibility.
  • Safety representatives shall receive appropriate training to be able to discharge their duties. The University provides in-house training for safety representatives.
  • Safety representatives have the right to use the time necessary to perform their duties in a responsible manner.
  • Safety representatives have a duty to notify staff and their employer if they become aware of circumstances that may result in accidents or health hazards.
  • Safety representatives have the right to stop work when there is immediate danger to life and health and that danger cannot be averted by other means. (Norwegian Working Environment Act, section 6-3)
  • Safety representatives have a duty of confidentiality concerning personal circumstances and conditions that can be equated with trade secrets.

Safety representative duties

  • Representing the staff in matters relating to the working environment.
  • Ensuring that employee health, safety and welfare are protected by the employer.
  • Participating in the establishment and maintenance of systematic health, safety and environment management.
  • Working with managers to maintain and improve the working environment.

Relations with employee representatives

Questions relating to Section 7-2 of the Working Environment Act on the duties of the Working Environment Committee which can have a direct impact on an employee's work or the running of a business will normally be addressed under the provisions of the main and adaptation agreements. Representatives shall be informed of issues addressed by safety organisations in pursuance of Section 7-2, item 2 of the Working Environment Act. In cases concerning the psychosocial working environment, employee representatives can assist individual staff to safeguard their interests.

On 7 November, 2011, the Working Environment Committee (AMU) resolved that the senior safety representatives for the faculties, the Management and Support Units, Estate Department, the museums and the University Library shall be allowed to attend as observers with the right to speak at regular Information, Discussion and Negotiation meetings (IDF), along with employee representatives.

The head safety representative and service organisations submitted a report on the distribution of roles between them at the AMU meeting on 7 May 2012.


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