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Oslo Pride 2020

«The feeling of being part of something larger» was the theme of this year's Oslo Pride week 19-28 June. The corona pandemic has awakened this feeling in all of us and shown how fundamental this perspective is. This year, UiO marked its involvement in the fight against prejudice and for human rights with flagged buildings and digital events.
We hope you joined us - all is love!
UiO's greeting to the Pride Parade Show 27 June, 2020

This is how UiO marked Pride this year

  • pride-jarli-og-jordan Fearless knowledge: PRIDE is just as important this year

    PRIDE is here, and the rainbow flag is waving over UiO's buildings again. Although the physical marking of PRIDE has had to be cancelled this year, the fight for equal rights for all remains equally important.

  • programledere-universitetsplassen-660 Podcast: How equal are lesbian mothers in Norway today?

    In 2013, a ban on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, gender identity and expression was adopted. But how does this protection really work, does it work in practice? The programme leaders of the podcast «Universitetsplassen» talk to law professor Anne Hellum and co-mother Nina Bahar about the legal position of lesbian co-mothers in Norway today.

  • pride-stk-660 PRIDE – International solidarity: stronger together!

    Are you wondering why we celebrate Pride? The Centre for Gender Research (STK) has collected a series of articles from UiO-researchers and other relevant partners that we hope can provide some insight into the research being conducted on Pride-related topics.

  • rosa-kompetanse-660x440 More pink competence at UiO

    Knowledge is crucial in the fight for human rights and against prejudice. Celebrating Pride implies a commitment. UiO will continue to spread fearless knowledge through research and dissemination and by strengthening our own pink competence.

  • pride-2020-khm-660 Digital exhibition: De Te Fabula Narratur – It's you the story is about

    This year's Pride exhibition «De Te Fabula Narratur» at the Historical Museum is postponed to 2021, but some of the stories and artists you can meet already now through short texts and video clips.

  • regnbue-pride-feed-303 The University Library recommends gay literature

    The University Library's collections contain a lot of gay literature. Here we present some books related to LHBTQ themes, gender and sexuality. The list is updated June 2020.

See everything that happened during Oslo Pride 2020

Gay perspectives at UiO

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Pride banners are being mounted on the facade of Domus Bibliotheca on 19 June, 2020. Photo: UiO/Vebjørn Løvås


«At UiO there are many who research and teach about LGBTQ themes, gender and sexuality, thus contributing to new and research-based knowledge. We believe that research is enhanced by diversity and gender balance.»

- Rector Svein Stølen