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Oslo Pride

Knowledge is the best way to fight prejudice and oppression, and we celebrate Pride by presenting some of our best LGBTQ research.

The University of Oslo will take part in the annual Pride Parade on June 25th. Meet up with us at Tøyen hovedgård, we will walk together from there. Stay tuned for more information! 

LGBTQ, gender and sexuality in research and

"Egg freezing tourism" among Norwegian women, dilemmas that drunken sex can cause, HIV among same-sex practicing men in Tanzania, gender and queer perspectives on Brexit and gender dysphoria in adolescents - all topics we do research on.

Among our courses are: Women's Law and Human Rights;  gender equality in the Nordic countries; homotextuality: gay and lesbian literature and pornography; protection & power: Internet content regulation - protection or censorship?

LGBT research from UiO

PRIDE from the Centre for Gender Research

Pride flag with UiO logoFind out about increasing polarization in Brazil and how Poland is a homophobic state, but not a homophobic society and more on rights and international solidarity. Learn about Queer Sámi activism and Gender and sexuality in the Viking Age amongst other Nordic perspectives. Read about queer representations in the broader popular culture and other queer perspectives on the body, sexuality, and identity.

Happy pride!