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Candidates Graver, Sandlie and Frich

Rector candidate Hans Petter Graver with Pro-Rector candidate Inger Sandlie and Vice-Rector candidate Jan Frich.

Jan Frich, Hans Petter Graver and Inger Sandlie. Photo: © UiO/Anders Lien

Get to know Hans Petter Graver

Why do you want to be the next Rector of UiO?

– UiO is a fine and worthy institution. Recent political developments have made it more important for me to help defend UiO’s and academia’s position. I have extensive leadership experience and my interdisciplinary background is worthy of note. I enjoy getting people to work together and am inspired by processes that help staff and students at UiO to flourish.

– I am passionate about education. Although we are one of Norway’s foremost seats of learning, both the learning environment and the content of our study programmes are open to improvement. It must be made easier to take subjects across disciplines and faculties, and it is also important to encourage better teaching, including by developing alternative, dedicated career paths. Good teaching must provide merits and count towards promotion.

The candidates present themselves