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External Relations Office

The Office shall contribute to strengthen and develop the relationship and communication between the University of Oslo and the outside world. Through activities and measures aimed at different target groups, the Office contributes systematically to building, maintaining and developing relationships with individuals, businesses and authorities that influence how the university is performing its tasks.

The Office is responsible for:

  • Develop, plan, implement and evaluate strategic events and meeting places such as: the Tøyen dinner, the Arendal Week, UiO's Annual Festivities, the Cutting Edge Festival
  • Secretariat management for Partner Forum
  • Schedule and conduct applicant and student-oriented events and measures
  • Schedule and coordinate cultural events
  • Project management for the Research Days, the Research Square and  the Researcher Grand Prix
  • Develop and implement the Council for Cooperation with Working Life
  • Develop and implement the Career Week
  • Coordinate alumni activities at UiO
  • Assist and facilitate Student Innovation
  • Facilitate gifts and donations to UiO
  • Schedule and conduct award ceremonies, ceremonies, markings and other events for different audiences
  • Contact point to the Career Center



Postal address Postboks 1072 Blindern 0316 Oslo Visiting address Problemveien 7 Lucy Smiths hus 5. etasje 0313 Oslo