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Guidelines for admission to the University Kindergarten

Adopted by the Committee of the Senate, University of Oslo on the 23 January, 1996. Revised by the University Director on the 22 Septembe, 2005.

1 Who may apply

Anyone who holds at least a ¾ position at the University of Oslo may apply for a kindergarden place for their child/children. This includes persons paid by external sources provided that at least ¾ of their work obligation is rendered at the UiO and overhead is paid to the UiO. The term “work obligation” comprises research, researcher education, and mandatory work.

It is a prerequisite that both parents work outside their home. Full-time study is considered to be work.

2 Application deadline

The application deadline for the main admission is 1 March. Application deadlines for additional admissions are set when needed, with at least a two week warning from the time they are printed in Uniforum.

3 Criteria for ranking of applicants

3.1 Prioritising groups of applicants

In accordance with paragraphs 3.2 to 3.6 stated below, available places are prioritised to applicants as follows:

  • Children whose sibling(s) are already attending the University Kindergarden or who have been allocated a place through the University day care centre
  • Children where both parents are entitled to apply in accordance to rule 1
  • A child from single parent home

3.2 Prioritising within the groups in paragraph 3.1

Prioritising within the groups stated in paragraph 3.1 is done by assessment .The following is given special consideration:

  1. Special medical, social or pedagogical circumstances

Where there is otherwise equal circumstances, children of parents with the highest seniority as stated in paragraph 1 will be prioritised.

3.3 Exception to the grouping in paragraph

After a discretionary valuation special medical, social or pedagogical circumstances can give grounds to deviate from the ranking of prioritised groups in paragraph 3.1.

3.4 Special rules for the children of employees of the University Kindergarten

Children of employees of the University Kindergarten are given a preferential right to admission unless other circumstances indicate otherwise.

3.5 Special rules for children of parents with academic posts

Where admission of children based on the criteria in paragraph 3.1 to 3.4 results in children of employees with academic posts are allocated less than 50 – 60 % of the available places in each age group, such a minimum share shall be attained by adjusting the admissions. In such circumstances the criteria in paragraph 3.1 to 3.4 above will be deviated from.

3.6 More on seniority in academic posts

Where persons with academic posts are equal in regards to paragraph 3.1 to 3.5, priority shall be given to the person with the longest appointment time left in their academic post according to their contract, though not more than three years.

4 Maintaining an allocated place

To retain an already allocated place, a simple application must be subscribed by 1 March each year.

Children who are admitted are given a guaranteed place until reaching school age, or until the parent’s employment no longer fill the requirements of paragraph 1, in which case the child may retain their place until the end of the kindergarden year.

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