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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 18

Persons 426 - 450 of 927
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Kornstad, Stein Nilsen Principal Engineer +47 22857760 +47 93412471 Moving, Transport
Picture of Vegard Korvald Korvald, Vegard Senior Engineer +47 22840134
Koskinen, Tarja Senior Architect
Picture of Birte Borgund Koteng Koteng, Birte Borgund Senior Executive Officer +47 22852507 Salary negotiations, Regulations, Civil service law
Picture of Milen Kouylekov Kouylekov, Milen Senior Engineer +47 22840929
Kristiansen, Ole Andreas Works Technician +47 22859711 Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Stig A. Kristiansen Kristiansen, Stig A. Senior Adviser +47 22856317 +47 48249084 Property management, Internal rent
Picture of Rune Kristoffersen Kristoffersen, Rune Works Technician +47 22856202 +47 91619407 Delivery service, Mail service
Picture of Britt Melteig Krog Krog, Britt Melteig Adviser +47 22852474 +47 91717110
Picture of Julianne Krohn-Hansen Krohn-Hansen, Julianne Head of Office +47-22857003 +47-93451868
Picture of Marcin Krotkiewski Krotkiewski, Marcin Senior Engineer +47 22856051
Picture of Geir Johansen Kruge Kruge, Geir Johansen Lawyer +47 22856261 +47 40106700 Legal counselling, Contracts, Civil service law
Picture of Tor-Audun Kræmer-Olsen Kræmer-Olsen, Tor-Audun Adviser +47 22858157 ePhorte, Records management, Request for access to information, Archives, Support, Mail room, Counselling, Registry, Courses
Picture of Camilla Kuhlman Kuhlman, Camilla Assisting Head of Office +47 22855531 +47 47261724 Project support; Process and project management; Financial management
Picture of Henning Kvalstad Kvalstad, Henning Senior Adviser +47 22858651 +47 93405756 Procurement
Picture of Alexander Hjelton Kvam Kvam, Alexander Hjelton Head Engineer +47 22845597
Picture of Jeannette Kvamme Kvamme, Jeannette Adviser +47 22858137 Civil service law, Legal counselling
Picture of Trine Merete Kvernmo Kvernmo, Trine Merete Senior Adviser +47-22858458 Research Administration, International cooperation, Training and development, Russia, Nordic countries, Arctic, Priority countries, Eurasia
Picture of Trine Merete Kvernmo Kvernmo, Trine Merete Senior Adviser +47 22858458 International cooperation, Priority countries, Russia, Eurasia, Nordic countries, Arctic, Research Administration, Training and development
Labuca, Joel Abocadie Cleaner +47 22854362 Cleaning
Picture of Elisabeth Josefine Lackner Lackner, Elisabeth Josefine Section Manager +47-22841134 +47-97734619 Recruitment of students, Communication
Picture of Trine Landau Landau, Trine Adviser +47 41205483 HR, HSE, Personnel, Employment
Picture of Anne-Lise Lande Lande, Anne-Lise Section Manager +47-22840798 +47-95233839
Picture of Anne-Lise Lande Lande, Anne-Lise Section Manager +47 22840798 +47 95233839
Picture of Jacob Magne Landsvik Landsvik, Jacob Magne Section Manager +47 22857094 +47 47902415