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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 3

Persons 51 - 75 of 742
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Alan Louis Belardinelli Belardinelli, Alan Louis Higher Executive Officer +47 22857763 Project management, Process improvement
Picture of William Barabin Bendu Bendu, William Barabin Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Martin Strokkenes Benonisen Benonisen, Martin Strokkenes Senior Engineer +47 22840115
Picture of Anne-Gro Berg Berg, Anne-Gro Senior Adviser +47 22857776 ePhorte, Counselling, Support, Training, Web publishing, Archives
Berg, Gina Kristine Senior Adviser +47 22841837 Elections, Regulations, Inclusive workplace (IA)
Berg, Marie Works Technician Delivery service, Mail service
Berg, Øyvind A. Senior Executive Officer +47 22845314 ePhorte, Mail room, User support, Public registry
Picture of Nikoline Berge Berge, Nikoline Senior Executive Officer +47 22841609
Picture of Tommy Bergeli Bergeli, Tommy Administrative Manager +47 22857081 +47 90825008 Service Center, Management, Property services
Picture of Finn Ragnar Berger Berger, Finn Ragnar Senior Executive Officer +47 22856205 Appeals Committee at UiO, Regulations
Picture of Dagfinn Bergsager Bergsager, Dagfinn Head of Group +47 22840047 +47 95204665
Picture of Anne Schad Bergsaker Bergsaker, Anne Schad Senior Engineer +47 22840075 +47 92824276
Picture of Lars Bergseth-Hasle Bergseth-Hasle, Lars Senior Engineer +47 22857748 National Student Database, TP, Timetabling
Picture of Kari Oline Bergstrøm Bergstrøm, Kari Oline Senior Adviser +47 22856105 Project management, Process support
Picture of Tore Bexrud Bexrud, Tore Head Engineer +47 90636297 Building maintenance
Picture of Nikolas Bicanic Bicanic, Nikolas Works Technician Building maintenance
Picture of Sjur Rynningen Bie-Lorentzen Bie-Lorentzen, Sjur Rynningen Senior Adviser Circle U, Research administration, International cooperation, EU, External funding, Horizon Europe
Bjerke, Karl Oskar Lie Adviser +47 22857071 41400096 Communication, Climate, Sustainability
Picture of Petter Bjørbæk Bjørbæk, Petter Section Manager +47 22852751 +47 41564876
Bjørnhaug, Helge J. Senior Engineer +47 22856299 National Student Database, Reporting, Statistics, Courses
Picture of Dag Christian Bjørnsen Bjørnsen, Dag Christian Head Engineer +47 22845590
Picture of Markus Bjørnsson Bjørnsson, Markus Senior Engineer +47 22852514
Picture of Arild Blomkvist Blomkvist, Arild Senior Adviser
Picture of Jørgen Bock Bock, Jørgen Director of Department +47 22856289 +47 41004211
Picture of Kjersti Bogen Bogen, Kjersti Adviser +47 22854943