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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 5

Persons 101 - 125 of 915
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Dag Christian Bjørnsen Bjørnsen, Dag Christian Head Engineer +47 22845590
Picture of Markus Bjørnsson Bjørnsson, Markus Head Engineer +47 22852514
Picture of Arild Blomkvist Blomkvist, Arild Senior Adviser
Picture of Jørgen Bock Bock, Jørgen Director of Department +47 22856289 +47 41004211
Picture of Kjersti Bogen Bogen, Kjersti Senior Executive Officer +47 22854943
Picture of Ole Martin Boger Boger, Ole Martin Works Coordinator +47 90628322 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Michaux Bokuma Longanga Bokuma Longanga, Michaux Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Martin Bore Bore, Martin Chief Engineer +47 22840147 +47 46661305
Picture of Henrik Arnold Borge Borge, Henrik Arnold Senior Executive Officer +47 22844053 Records management, Archives, ePhorte, Mail room, Registry, Support, Counselling, Request for access to information, Courses
Picture of Knut Borge Borge, Knut Section Manager +47 22852519 +47 91844208
Picture of Donya Bota Bota, Donya Senior Executive Officer +47 22857659
Picture of Andreas Valeur Botnen Botnen, Andreas Valeur Chief Engineer +47 22845122
Picture of Bouarfa Bouzakraft Bouzakraft, Bouarfa Cleaner +47 22854362 Cleaning
Picture of Jonas Braathen Braathen, Jonas Senior Engineer +4745480454
Picture of Paal Braathen Braathen, Paal Senior Engineer +47 22840063 +47 98619765
Picture of Kirsten Guri Brauti Brauti, Kirsten Guri Facilitation
Picture of Thomas Breiby Breiby, Thomas Works Technician +47 22855951 +47 99225051 Estate services, Landscape
Picture of Olaug Kristine Ø Bringager Bringager, Olaug Kristine Ø Senior Adviser +47-22854434
Picture of Christopher Martin Brown Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47 22854192 +47 97015910 +4797015910 Salary, Taxes, Regulations, Internal audit, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group
Picture of Jon Brudeseth Brudeseth, Jon Adviser +47-90944158 Purchasing
Picture of Sylejman Bruka Bruka, Sylejman Administrative Manager +47 46925818 Cleaning
Picture of Anders Bruvik Bruvik, Anders Head of Group 22852792 42042944 OS X, Linux, Mobile Devices
Picture of Birgitte Brørs Brørs, Birgitte Administrative Manager +47-22841117 Appeals, Regulations, Web publishing, Admissions
Picture of Birgitte Brørs Brørs, Birgitte Senior advisor +47 22841117 Admissions, Regulations, Web publishing, Appeals
Picture of Christoffer Klevstad Buen Buen, Christoffer Klevstad Principal Engineer