Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 5

Persons 101 - 125 of 803
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Christopher Martin Brown Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47-22854192 +47-97015910 Control and Reconciliation Group, Internal audit, Salary, Regulations, Reconciliation, Taxes, Web publishing
Picture of Jon Brudeseth Brudeseth, Jon Advisor - Procurement +47-90944158
Picture of Sylejman Bruka Bruka, Sylejman Renholdsleder +47-22844753 +47-46925818 Cleaning
Picture of Aleksander A. Bruun Bruun, Aleksander A. Works Technician +47-46745938 Building maintenance
Picture of Birgitte Brørs Brørs, Birgitte Administrative Manager +47-22841117 Appeals, Regulations, Web publishing, Admissions
Picture of Pål Fredrik Bugge Bugge, Pål Fredrik Administrative Manager +47-22851017 +47-97071715 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Luke Thomas Bullock Bullock, Luke Thomas Head Engineer
Picture of Frode Buraas Buraas, Frode Works Coordinator +47-47756395 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Anna Kolberg Buverud Buverud, Anna Kolberg Senior Adviser +47-22858437 International cooperation, Research training, Mobility, Joint Programming, Academic Dugnad
Picture of Trond Buvik Buvik, Trond Senior Engineer +47-91853199 Property Development, Project management
Picture of Are Bye-Andersen Bye-Andersen, Are Senior Adviser +47-22856700 Alumni, Working life, Innovation
Picture of Michiko Morioka Bøe Bøe, Michiko Morioka Higher Executive Officer +47-22856309
Picture of Henrik Bøhle Bøhle, Henrik Senior Engineer +47-22852506 +47-90786129
Picture of Line Bøhn Bøhn, Line Head Engineer +47-22858611 Xpand, IT
Picture of Mette Børing Børing, Mette Senior Executive Officer +47-22854310 Purchasing, Absence, Reimbursements
Picture of Ellen Johanne Caesar Caesar, Ellen Johanne Director of Corporate Governance and Finance +47-22856064 +47-92423393 Corporate governance, Financial management, Mangement, Strategy, Analysis
Picture of Emilia Patino Caravana Caravana, Emilia Patino Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Monica Carvajal Carlosama Carlosama, Monica Carvajal Senior Adviser +47-22856234 Accounting, Control and Reconciliation Group, Reporting, Reimbursements
Picture of Carlos Castellanos Castellanos, Carlos Works Technician +47-22859449 +47-92477330 Building maintenance, Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Oscar Guemes Castro Castro, Oscar Guemes Works Technician +47-90294874 Building maintenance, Maintenance and Operations
Picture of Villaroel Luis P Castro Castro, Villaroel Luis P Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Baljeet Kaur Chattha Chattha, Baljeet Kaur Renholdsleder +47-22845528 +47-97763182 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Gia Cuong Chiem Chiem, Gia Cuong Head Engineer +47-22852821
Picture of Demian Bowitz Christensen Christensen, Demian Bowitz Driftstekniker +47-41468107 Estate services, Landscape
Picture of Mette Torp Christensen Christensen, Mette Torp Senior Adviser +47-22856714