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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 6

Persons 126 - 150 of 742
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Jakob Fossland Dietz Dietz, Jakob Fossland Higher Executive Officer Researcher mobility, Counselling, Internationalisation, Residence permit, EURAXESS
Ditter, Gustav Adolf Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Andreas Dobloug Dobloug, Andreas Chief Engineer +47 22840085
Picture of Line Dolmset Dolmset, Line Senior Adviser +47 22857599 +47 92850379
Picture of Paraskoviia Domak Domak, Paraskoviia Senior Adviser +47 22858116 +47 46586217 Procurement, Framework agreement, Tender, Counselling
Picture of Anne Margrethe Sandøy Dybwad Dybwad, Anne Margrethe Sandøy Administrative Manager +47 22844114 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Trine Rosalba Dyrdal Dyrdal, Trine Rosalba Executive Officer +47 22844115 +47 97665280
Picture of Kathe Dyrset Dyrset, Kathe Section Manager +47 46925365 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Kristen Døssland Døssland, Kristen Senior Engineer +47 22852526 +47 91336179
Picture of Jarle Ebeling Ebeling, Jarle Section Manager +47 22852841 +47 97573277
Picture of David Egeland Egeland, David Senior Engineer +47 22840122
Picture of Marit Egner Egner, Marit Senior Adviser +47 22858490 +47-96239029 International cooperation, Research administration, NORHED, Scholars at risk, External funding, NORPART, Global South, South Africa
Picture of Nirmala Eidsgård Eidsgård, Nirmala Adviser +47 22857358 Recruitment of students, Learning environment
Picture of Hanne Fengestad Eidsheim Eidsheim, Hanne Fengestad Senior Executive Officer +47 22856219 Sick leave, NAV reimbursements, Long-term sick leave, Absence
Eidsvåg, Jostein Senior Architect Project management
Eikeset, Birgitte Adviser +47 22854309 Admissions, Regulations
Picture of Ingeborg Fauske Ekdahl Ekdahl, Ingeborg Fauske Head Engineer +47 22850407
Picture of Hanna Ekeli Ekeli, Hanna Director of Department +47 22857436 +47 99001817 Administrative management, Strategy, Finance, HR system
Ekker, Arild Johannes Senior Executive Officer +47 22856282 National Student Database, Regulations
Picture of Sofia Elamson Elamson, Sofia Senior Adviser International cooperation, Research Cooperation, Sustainability, Brazil, India, Japan, SYLFF, INTPART, Research administration
Picture of Kathirgamanathan Elayathamby Elayathamby, Kathirgamanathan Cleaning Coordinator Cleaning, Satefy representative
Elgsaas, Sigrid Bøe Adviser +47 22844350 International Students Reception
Picture of Andreas Ellewsen Ellewsen, Andreas Senior Engineer +47 92483772
Picture of Tone Elstad Elstad, Tone Senior Adviser +47 22844758 +47 22844758 Regulations, Civil service law
Picture of Olaug Fløgstad Emmerhoff Emmerhoff, Olaug Fløgstad Adviser +47 22856228 Sick leave, Long-term sick leave, NAV reimbursements, Absence