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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 7

Persons 151 - 175 of 942
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Darrin Joseph Corbin Corbin, Darrin Joseph Head Engineer +47-22857083 Digital exam, Digital learning environment, Digital learning resources, Inspera, Canvas, LMS, URKUND, Plagiarism check
Picture of Mhamed Dahhou Dahhou, Mhamed Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Mohamed Dahhou Dahhou, Mohamed Cleaner +47-22851813 Cleaning
Picture of Per Kulseth Dahl Dahl, Per Kulseth Engineer
Picture of Unni Dalseng Dalseng, Unni Director of Department +47-91724871 Management, Personnel management, Financial management
Picture of Mikael Dalsgard Dalsgard, Mikael Senior Engineer +47-22852753 +47-92035981
Picture of Liv-Marit Davidsen Davidsen, Liv-Marit Senior Adviser +47-22840133 +47-97470812
Picture of Thomas Davidsson Davidsson, Thomas Works Coordinator +47-22840250 +47-90655045 Building maintenance
Picture of Matthew Davies Davies, Matthew Senior Executive Officer +47-22856197 National Student Database
Picture of Matthew Davies Davies, Matthew Senior Executive Officer +47-22856197 National Student Database
Picture of Attilio Dell'Arte Dell'Arte, Attilio Senior Adviser +47-22856039 +47-91526367 Internal audit
Picture of Gunnar Dick Dick, Gunnar Senior Adviser +47-22858671 +47-40454144
Picture of Sverre Didriksen Didriksen, Sverre Senior Engineer +47-22852522 +47-90597500
Ditter, Gustav Adolf Cleaner +47-22854362 Cleaning
Picture of Andreas Dobloug Dobloug, Andreas Senior Engineer +47-22840085
Picture of Line Dolmset Dolmset, Line Senior Adviser +47-22857599
Picture of Paraskoviia Domak Domak, Paraskoviia Adviser +47-22858116 +47-46586217 +47-46586217 Purchasing
Picture of Anne Margrethe Dybwad Dybwad, Anne Margrethe Adviser +47-22844114 +47-95878362 Property services, Service Center
Picture of Trine Rosalba Dyrdal Dyrdal, Trine Rosalba Executive Officer +47-22844115 Property services, Service Center
Picture of Kathe Dyrset Dyrset, Kathe Section Manager +47-46925365 Cleaning, Management
Picture of Kristen Døssland Døssland, Kristen Head Engineer +47-22852526 +47-91336179
Picture of Jarle Ebeling Ebeling, Jarle Section Manager +47-22852841
Picture of Christina Victoria Eckhoff Eckhoff, Christina Victoria Advisor procurement - on leave Procurement, Economics
Picture of David Egeland Egeland, David Senior Engineer +47-22840122 +47-99625747
Picture of Marit Egner Egner, Marit Senior Adviser +47-22858490 +47 96239029 External funding, Research administration, International cooperation, Global South, South Africa, scholars at risk, NORHED, NORPART